Week 1: “This is Madeleine”


Download link for MP3


One day I started receiving a series of strange texts from my nine-year-old niece Madeleine, who had borrowed my sister’s phone. I learned later that she was just swiping the keyboard at random for fun and seeing what words got autocompleted but at the time I was pretty baffled. So I turned it into a song. Here are the texts exactly how I got them:

This is Madeleine
If you geet crazy stuff
I Madeleine pleg to undo itchy ducky thrill gainful Hutu undo humbug I hijack dfcu coco Gambia and Chico
Echo Rhys Rico and they,
No ooooooooo
What is autocorrect
The stake wants Logan
Yes but we need it for you can spread to get in free anytime you have the quotes for me
He he he
Supercafraglist e
What the


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