Week 2: “Upworthy”


Download link for MP3


Yeah. I went there.

While I think the track speaks for itself, I do want to say two things. It isn’t really a black or white across-the-board condemnation or recommendation of Upworthy or other related viral distribution sites (though I am a little sick of my news feed consisting of almost nothing but these types of things). Also, the sound clips at the end (save the very last one from the CEO) are supposed to be unintelligible, as the point is that all these videos start to blend together into similar sound bites after a while. So it’s not bad sound mixing. If you can’t understand the words elsewhere in the track, well…that’s probably bad sound mixing.

The image has nothing to do with anything. I just didn’t want it to be plain text for the Youtube preview. Unfortunately whatever preview algorithm Youtube uses didn’t want to pick that part of the video as an option, so now it’s extra pointless.


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