Week 4: “Piano Sketchbook 1”


Download link for MP3


I said in the “About” section of this blog that the songs I’m posting are more like an artist’s sketchbook than a collection of album tracks, and that goes double for this particular piece. Oftentimes before beginning a composition session I noodle about a bit on the keyboard to get the creative juices flowing. I virtually never record it, as it’s more a warm-up than anything, but sometimes I do to see if I can pick anything interesting out of it. This is one of those sessions, almost entirely untouched, other than speeding it up a bit and bumping the whole thing up a half-step (’cause Db normally sounds better than C on the piano in my opinion), which is one reason why it takes until about 0:17 to get a steady beat (I started with the metronome on, but quickly turned it off and it took a bit to get my own tempo). I may post some more of these over the course of the 52 weeks if the reaction to this one is positive. So you, you one person reading this post (and I know it’s only one person; I’ve got stats!): post a comment!


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