Week 11: “Instro WIP”


Download link for MP3


I spent most of this week working on a completely different piece, but it was not working out at all. I kept playing with it, trying to make it sound at least decent, but it was just boring and kind of blah, and come Sunday I still wasn’t pleased with it. So instead of posting that piece in all its crappy glory, this week I present a completely different piece with a few ideas I’ve had on the back burner. This isn’t a song in and of itself; rather, a couple of ideas that I think could be fleshed out into something great. Currently, it consists of two short piano phrases, repeated once with synth backing it and once with “real” instruments. Whatever its potential may be, as it stands now, I think it at least sounds nice. I’ll probably revisit it in a future week and make it into something better.


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