Week 12: “Softly”


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My equipment is giving me fits, so this was a day late. I’m working on getting a new rig, which hopefully won’t crash every five minutes. In any case, I do have a personal meaning for this song, but I’ll let it mean what you think it means. Here are the lyrics:

Softly, Softly,
Softly I roll.
Slowly, Slowly,
The moments come and go.
Sharply, Sharply,
The start can’t stay forever.
Softly, Softly,
Softly I roll.

Smoothly, Smoothly,
Smoothly, you roll.
Swiftly, Swiftly,
The moment come, now goes.
Sweetly, Sweetly,
We say goodbye before we say hello.
Softy, Softly,
Softly, I roll.

Who can say where you’ll be when it’s over?
Who can know where I’ll be when it had never begun?
Who will be where we were supposed to be?
Who will know if we had a place…

Safely, Safely
Safely we roll.
Shortly, shortly
No moment left to go.
Sideways, Sideways
Back into the path that I know.
Smoothly, Sweetly,
Softly I roll.


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