Week 16: “Rascal”


Download link for MP3


First of all, the lyrics for this came about as a result of a quick Facebook contest I held where the first five people to respond with a single word would get their words used in my next song. The words ended up being, “awesome,” “persnickety,” “adorable,” “quixotic,” and “lego,” with a sixth, “rascal,” added at the last minute for fun. So thanks to Jim Vehawn, Emily Meyer, Kristi Hill, Mark Burtenshaw, Nikki Garrett, and Lisa Thurman for the suggestions! I may do this type of thing again in the future.

Probably not for a while, though, since this ended up being the culmination of a lot of things that probably should’ve been taken on one by one. In my opinion, speaking musically (and more from a mixing standpoint really), the vocals ruined this song. Not because it wasn’t written with vocals in mind, or worked better as a wordless piece of music or anything, but it caused me to overmix. The minus track I had done before I started adding the vocals was something I was really proud of. I was still learning the new quirks associated with Logic Pro X, but I had made something that sounded great, full of energy with an epic feel. Adding the voice part just didn’t match the earlier feel and dragged it down, mostly because 1) my vocal range meant I couldn’t Freddie Mercury the thing and my bass/baritone voice was not suited for it, 2) the lyrics were written after the music was done and had to have those six words in it (though I cheated and used “leggo,” short for “let go,” instead of “lego”) and didn’t quite match either, and 3) I’m not all that good at mixing vocals, especially when I’m under a time crunch and working with something so processed as this song was already. Sometimes when I try mixing vocals I inevitably end up killing a bit of the sparkle from the minus track, and for this particular piece I couldn’t recapture it before I had to post it. It also didn’t help that I was still working with a somewhat unfamiliar interface. I did also make a track with a piano part standing in for the vocals which I’m also posting here, but even this track isn’t quite on par with what it sounded like before I started screwing with the mix to add the vocal parts.

Download link for minus track MP3


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