Week 20: “Fortified Sorcerers”


Download link for MP3


This came about through a bit of silliness when I was playing Small World with my sister Annelise’s family. My niece Ivy had picked the “Fortified Sorcerers” as her first race and for some reason this song resulted from it. I was still a little sick, so the voice is a little scratchy. Here are the lyrics:

Fortified Sorcerers x4

The fortified sorcerers
Will spread across the land
Taking homes from ratmen
Everywhere they can

They’ll zap with their secret spell
They’ll turn you into them
Afterward they’ll run and hide
Where they can plot again

Fortified Sorcerers x4

Don’t try to go and find them
Your army will fall short
The fortified sorcerers
Are hiding in their fort

Many hundred years from now
When they are in decline
The forts of the sorcerers
Will still be holding fine

Watch out!

Fortified Sorcerers x8


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