Week 29: “SaXon Geat A Capella”


Download link for MP3


This mostly came about because I was pressed for time during this week (one roommate came into my place just as the other was leaving, and the place was a giant mess), so I threw a bunch of old SaXon Geat songs into the EastWest choir library. If I had more time I would’ve tried to tweak it to not make it sound so obviously fake at parts, but overall I think it turned out at least somewhat interesting. SaXon Geat was a band that my brother Ben founded in high school, and I still have most of the MIDI files of songs we wrote for the band to play. The songs here were written by myself, Ben, and our mutual friend Dave Omer way back in the late 90’s. In order, they are:

  • 0:00 – Love at the Regional Dance
  • 2:48 – Lightning
  • 6:03 – The Pez Anthem
  • 8:47 – Samba Dee’s Cryin’
  • 10:47 – Sailboat to Hades

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