Week 31: “Up in Ashes”


Download link for MP3


Well, the Poison Ivy Mysteries break took longer than I thought. I’ll eventually upload the songs I wrote for it in September as part of the 52 Weeks project, but I’m holding off until the show’s run is over to avoid possible spoilers (and I’m not uploading the finale, for similar reasons).

In any case, this week’s installment I wrote as a sort of theme song to a Pathfinder campaign that my friend Sheldyn has been running called “Up in Ashes.” We stream it live at twitch.tv/progstorm (Sheldyn posts the schedule on his twitter feed @Progstorm), and you can catch the VODs at youtube.com/progstormrising if you wanna catch up with what we’ve done so far. It’s been pretty fun; I’ve been playing a somewhat quirky halfling rogue named Jocko, but probably the two stars of our campaign so far have been characters played by my roommate Johnathan (playing a dwarven sorcerer named Blazebeard who keeps setting things on fire, such as a brothel), and Sheldyn’s stepdad Ron (playing a human fighter named Borric with a thick Texan drawl who keeps threatening to send all the kobolds we’ve been fighting to “Kobold Hell” and almost got eaten by gelatin).


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