Quick Update

As you may have noticed, songs aren’t coming at the rate of one a week anymore. This is mostly because my life has been quite a bit busier since about September, even without the Poison Ivy Mysteries music needing to be written. I will eventually get 52 Weeks of Songs written; they just may not be consecutive weeks. Don’t worry, though; it won’t take like five years or anything; I’m still planning on ending sometime. So stay tuned: there will still be stuff coming out!


Poison Ivy Mysteries break!

Just a quick update: the new Poison Ivy Mysteries show, Murdered for SCIENCE!, is coming out in October. I’m writing the songs for it this month, so my updates for 52 Weeks will be somewhat irregular this month (I don’t want to post the songs for that show as part of this project). Don’t worry: I will end up posting four songs in September at some point; but I won’t be posting every Sunday again until October.

Thanks, and keep on listenin’!

Help support this project!

So this project will end at the end of this year. It’s called 52 Weeks, after all. However, if I get enough people supporting me through this website, I’ll be able to continue to write a song a week far into the future. Therefore, if you like what I’ve been doing so far, please donate and become a patron. How else will you get cheeky dance mixes and songs that consist of eight seconds of the word “fart?” I can’t think of a way.